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Why Buying Used Forestry Trucks Can Save You Money November 9, 2012

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The trend these days when it comes to purchasing capital equipment is to opt for quality used or reconditioned vehicles versus buying new.  In tough economic times businesses find that it’s better to invest in a fully reconditioned truck as it allows them the ability to save capital they might otherwise  be able to use elsewhere in their company. In addition to the cost savings of purchasing used over new, there are other positive factors to consider too.  For Example:

Used forestry trucks have a lesser chance of developing mechanical or electrical issues in comparison to new trucks. Initial production problems can crop up that might not present themselves until after the truck has been put into regular use.  Used trucks that have been refurbished seldom encounter these issues and any potential Original Equipment Manufacturer recalls have already addressed.

Another important factor is the break-in period that applies to all brand new commercial trucks. Break-in is the time that an engine requires to allow the bearings to set properly and the piston rings to seal around the cylinder. A brand new truck has to cover an average distance of 3,000 miles followed by an oil change to bring the machine to its optimum performance level.

 Altec LRV55- 2001 International 4700 4x2 Flatbed Forestry Truck

Lastly, the price of a used forestry truck is based in large part on the model year, mileage and hours of usage on all boom parts and controls. The higher the numbers, the lower the price range. If the price is unreasonably low, it could mean that the machinery has a limited working life left.  In contrast, most name brand forestry equipment can have an extended working life if it has been properly maintained throughout its lifetime.  In some cases these trucks can be in service as long as 20 years or more.

Purchasing Used Forestry Trucks can help save you money, allowing you to put that savings to another use. Before you make a decision on what truck you’re going to buy, make sure that it is in good working condition, it is current on all inspections and that regular maintenance has been performed and documented.

Other things to consider when investing in used forestry trucks is how many years of service you realistically expect to get from it, will it add value to your business and the services you offer  to increase revenue, and lastly, will the initial investment plus the cost of maintenance, licensing and insurance be a justifiable business expense.

I-80 Equipment can answer these any other questions you may have when you decide it’s time to add capital equipment to your business.

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